Sten Johansson Sten has the viking wanderlust coursing through his veins. He roams the world in search of new places and seas to discover. For a time he wandered around the Mediterranean and Caribbean isles on a big ship, initiating new divers to the wonders of the underwater environment. He embarked on a sixteen-day voyage to reach the island that time forgot, which he did twice more afterwards.

He enjoys journeying to wild places where he can witness the power of nature in a harsh environment, and how human nature reacts to its environment.
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Thank you - 29 September 2016

The Full Half of the Glass

For every yin, there is a yang. One moment passive, the next minute aggressive. There is a time to strike, and a time to stand down. To seek new thrills, or just to stand still.

I am normally a glass-half-empty kind of guy, but my rantings and ravings need to be balanced by some semblance of positivity, lest the universe go out of whack.

So here’s looking at the glass half-full:

John Bantin  .  Ken Kurtis  .  Steve Dunn  .  Willie FotoDive  .  Johnny Friday  .  Franny  .  Peter Morse  .  Tomas Grön  .  Beatrice Lee  .  Steve Trainoff  .  Gerardo del Villar  .  Mark Harris  .  Joe Fraulob  .  Kikki Floyd  .  Marilyn Hunt  .  Peter Evritt  .  Sandra Bailey  .  Chiara Reading  .  Coen van Wyk  .  Josie Dalcourt  .  Susan Brouse  .  Marquee Marie  .  Thomas Sedlmeier  .  Marta Chantal  .  Jack Connick  .  Sara Shoemaker Lind  .  Dave Hancock  .  Julio Elizarraras  .  Larry Cohen  .  Diego Flores

No need for rhyme or reason.


And a full glass of Tequila with you, Sten!

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