Sten Johansson Sten has the viking wanderlust coursing through his veins. He roams the world in search of new places and seas to discover. For a time he wandered around the Mediterranean and Caribbean isles on a big ship, initiating new divers to the wonders of the underwater environment. He embarked on a sixteen-day voyage to reach the island that time forgot, which he did twice more afterwards.

He enjoys journeying to wild places where he can witness the power of nature in a harsh environment, and how human nature reacts to its environment.
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My 2013 Season in Malpelo

This is my second year working in Malpelo. I really have come to like this place! It is far away and one of the most remote and isolated dive destinations in the world. This year was even sharkier than last year. In my 3 months of being here I have had 4 bait balls, encounters with the unique congregations of hundreds (up to 500!) of silky sharks that are almost all females… I don’t know why.

A lot of whale sharks this year and as always big schooling groups of scalloped hammerheads and big fully grown Galapagos sharks. Not to forget the blue water dives with yellowfin tuna!

I have never seen this many sharks in any other place I have dived.

But Malpelo is not the place for everybody. Big surges and ripping currents can occur. And you as a diver have to pay very good attention to what the mother of sea is telling you down there. Or she slaps your face big time. If you listen to her she will reward you!

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