Sten Johansson Sten has the viking wanderlust coursing through his veins. He roams the world in search of new places and seas to discover. For a time he wandered around the Mediterranean and Caribbean isles on a big ship, initiating new divers to the wonders of the underwater environment. He embarked on a sixteen-day voyage to reach the island that time forgot, which he did twice more afterwards.

He enjoys journeying to wild places where he can witness the power of nature in a harsh environment, and how human nature reacts to its environment.
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Thinking to Quit Smoking? Don’t!

I’ve had an Uzi pointed at me once upon a time. I have been beaten up by the bodyguards of a Serbian warlord. I have served as a human shield for war refugees in Central America. I have endured below freezing temperatures in the Saharan desert, snowstorms in the forests of Sweden, and have even survived the vortex of death in the Pacific Ocean.

But turning my back on tobacco might just be the death of me.

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What Happens to Fish When You Take Them Out of the Water?

Last week my wife and I had an opportunity to be like any other normal couple. We did mundane tasks and ran errands, which included a trip to Costco on a Sunday.

We were on our way back to our Ford Exploder when someone tapped me on the back and asked me if I was who I was. Uh, yes…?

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My 2013 Season in Malpelo

This is my second year working in Malpelo. I really have come to like this place! It is far away and one of the most remote and isolated dive destinations in the world. This year was even sharkier than last year. In my 3 months of being here I have had 4 bait balls, encounters with the unique congregations of hundreds (up to 500!) of silky sharks that are almost all females… I don’t know why.

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Why are the silkies so spread out? —Malpelo 17.06.2013

Because of recent illegal fishing?

The silky sharks can now be seen in both the north and the south. They are more spread out. We are speculating why. We can see fresh hooks in the mouth of some. And three days ago we had a fishing boat not farther than 2 nautical miles from here.

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I Was a Gorilla in Another Life

I can relate to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s musical and visual project. I like the fictional universe that they created depicting a band of cartoon characters.

Their style encompasses several musical genres, with alternative, rock, hip hop, electronica, dub, and pop influences. The music is very catchy, but is nowhere near the sound of “traditional” pop.

But why do I feel like I’m part of Gorillaz?

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If it still doesn't work after you've hit it several times, then it's broken.

— Sten, on Technology

Joining the Facebook Bandwagon

Ok, so maybe Facebook isn't such a bad thing after all. I still don't know how to use it, but at least I am able to stay in touch with friends.
I DONT F&@%!#* UNDERSTAND FACEBOOK!!! Please, if you want to contact me, send me an email. All these messages get me confused. I want to talk privately with some of you without sharing everything with the rest of the world!!! Please help! I spend a lot of time out at sea and I see a lot of wonderful friends that I want to be in contact with. By normal means!!! —With love, Sten

Why Enjoy When You Can Suffer.

— Jamtsisu

Downloading Another Effing Update!

Downloading another f&@%!#* update!

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At Long Last

The day has finally arrived.

I have succumbed to the pressure to live in a modern civilized world, where people stay connected through computers and apps. I still don’t understand why we can’t use normal email to communicate, but what do I know, I’m from the Stone Age.

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